The Reservoir

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. ~ James Baldwin

I totally agree with James Baldwin. Thus, when we only exist, we inadvertently choose not to live. And so, to live, we must first breathe…freely, releasing all toxins from within and outside.

Life is a reservoir of discoveries, hopes, dreams, love, adventures, and experiences. Therefore, there will always be in the air, joy and/or sadness, love and/or hate… The energy we choose to inhale becomes us. To survive, we must make no room for weaknesses, hate, procrastination, insecurities, ego, jealousy, fear, or confusion. When we do, we should strive not to dwell in any of these negative energies. It can be destructive.

We get to live once…die once. But, each day, we are given the opportunity to nurture love.

Our steps are directed by our thoughts. We should therefore, take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, and not blame the devil, or others. When we do (take responsibility, that is), we start to embrace life, fully, with open arms, with our eyes and hearts open, and our heads intact.

Know how to clean blocked arteries? I believe you start by getting rid of the bad cholesterol.

Therefore, in other to:
• Live: Take one breath at a time
• Solve problems: Take a bite out of one problem at a time
• Move: Take one step at a time to reach a destination
• Speak: Bite down on your words before you spit them out. Once you spit them out,
you cannot swallow them.
• Grow: Make no room for negativity, or those people, toxic in mind and spirit. Endeavor to constantly detox your inner circle.
• Smile/Laugh Out Loud: Count your blessings, one-by-one, and be thankful…always.

Life is a journey. Sometimes, our directions are changed by storms, our dreams are delayed or stillborn, not to discourage us, but to take us to our destined destinations, at the appointed times. And, sometimes, we are submerged, not to be drowned, but to be cleansed, and be rejuvenated. Last, but not the least, sometimes, we are broken, only to be made whole. We experience life (hopefully we learn the lessons it is meant to teach us) in other to live it…to the fullest. Know your purpose in life, and be determined to fulfill it.

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