When Hearts Touch

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When a destitute 9-year-old orphan boy named Preye meets an old farmer who offers him food, an unforeseen and extraordinary event unfolds, leading to a profound transformation in their lives.


When Hearts Touch is a soulful short story about a 9-year-old orphan boy named Preye. (pronounced “Pri-yah”). He lived alone in a small hut in southeast Nigeria, where he once lived with his mother and father. Everyday, he walked around the village, looking for work and food. Somedays, he could not find work or food. Preye had no one in the world to care for him. But through his daily struggles to survive poverty and loneliness, he did his best to hang his fate & faith in God and hoped for a better tomorrow. One day, he met an old farmer on the beaten path.

This is an intriguing story about the importance of family, kindness, being a good neighbor, hope, and love.

When hearts touch, miracles happen, and lives are changed.

Have you touched a heart today?

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