Here On Earth

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It is true we cannot control what happens to us or around us. But we have the absolute power to control how we think, therefore, how we respond to it. Here on Earth was inspired by the epidemics of bullying, depression, racism, suicide, & human trafficking, child bride, stigmatization of mental illness, hope, kindness, and love. It chronicles 6 short stories of children, teenagers, and young adults, surrounded by pain, survival, hope, and love, and the 7th chapter on oneness.

From homes to classrooms, parks, the streets, our backyards, and even in churches…bad things happen! Our society sometimes, expects us to be silent. But to not lose your voice is to be free!

Here on Earth will keep you spellbound.
Speak out. Speak up. Spread your wings. Soar. Be not afraid.

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